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We’ve created a simple list of tips that will help minimize the majority of your main areas of expenditure, and therefore keep it as simple as possible to implement, whilst reaping the most returns i.e. saving as much of your cash as possible. So here are our 5 tips to staying on track of your money -

1. Weekly Meal Plans - Not hardcore, know what each of your meals are going to be, meal-plans, but you should be able to shop bi-weekly for your groceries, and make the portions last for the 3-4 days that you’ll need them, without having to go out and buy more food. We’ve found that as well as saving some money, this is also a great way of getting more fresh food into your diet, since it means that you need only keep fresh food for 3-4 days max. before you will eat it. This will also reduce your wasted food items, which will in turn minimize your cost per calorie.

2. Pre-drink – We all know drinks at the bar/club/pub cost a heck load more than when you buy it at the off-license or supermarket. So limit yourself to entry fee + a couple drinks inside the club. You don’t need to buy much more drinks when you’re out.

3. Eat out as a treat, and look for deals - The last two times I ate out were on 2-for-1 offers. The cost was significantly less, and the food was equally good. Since you’re buying your groceries twice a week, eating out is no longer required out of necessity: make sure you buy enough when you shop, and you wont go hungry. Instead, you can eat out once or twice a week, and it will be a treat. Go with a friend or two and enjoy it.

4. Simplify your wardrobe - This is a moot point, and some girls wont be able to do this.  Guys, on the other hand, should think about their clothes stash, and what they currently wear and don’t wear. Do you need that new t-shirt that you saw in Top Shop or can it wait to be gifted at a Birthday or Christmas? I find, if I make a point ofwaiting a week or two before making a decision, I find that I haven’t really missed the item, and so don’t buy it after all.  On the other hand, if there’s a good sale on.

5. Don’t snack & keep to water - These are two biggie’s. Snacking out on chocolate bars and, really, anything other than fruit will substantially increase the amount spent on food in a week. Good way of avoiding the temptation to snack-out are: not buying the stuff on your grocery shop, switching to fruit snacks (apples, oranges etc.) and also exercise, which depresses the hormones which tell your brain you’re hungry. Drinking water, as opposed to soft drinks, will keep your food bill waydown.

These few tips should decrease costs by 30-40% each week, which you can either save, or put towards something you’ve had your eyes on for a while.

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