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You’re late to University or school, again. No matter how much you reason with yourself, your lateness is probably due to the fact that you couldn’t get out of bed quick enough or through the fact of wanting to. It’s always unpleasant to drag yourself out of bed, so here are some tips to help you wake up alert and get you out of bed quickly:

  1. Assess your health - Your drowsiness in the morning might be health-related. Perhaps you need a better diet and exercise plan or maybe you have sleep apnea. If you’ve been doing everything right, go to a doctor for an expert opinion.
  2. Coffee on your bedside table - This is for extreme cases, but leaving some coffee or another caffeinated drink like Mountain Dew or coca cola on your bedside table might be a good way to get yourself out of bed.
  3. Place your alarm clock strategically - If you place your alarm clock across the room or outside your door, this might force you walk to the clock to shut it off.
  4. Get an alarm clock that lights up 
  5. Don’t drink caffeine or alcohol the night before - It takes a while for caffeine and alcohol to get out of your system so for a better night’s sleep, refrain from imbibing these liquids the night before.
  6. Smelling salts - Smelling salts have been reviving people for hundreds of years, but you don’t have to smell something distasteful. Put a bottle of a pleasant-smelling essential oil like orange, grapefruit, or mint next to your bed to sniff in order to shake yourself out of a groggy state
  7. Train yourself - Train yourself during the day getting out of bed quickly. If you train yourself it might be easier to jump up and get out the door.

If after all of these you are still failing to get up and out of bed on time then you are simply, lazy.

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