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It is every dancer’s dream and passion to stand in the spotlight and high kick their way into the finale of A Chorus Line. Veteran dancers in London will get their last chance to see their dream become a reality as A Chorus Line London returns for a limited engagement from February through July 2013 at the Palladium.

A Chorus Line tells the story of dancers auditioning for a coveted part on Broadway. The best of the best in London each have a song on their mind, “I Hope I Get It” they are desperate for work as they dance and sing their way into “One (Singular Sensation)”.  Auditions are gruelling. Hopefuls spend the first round in groups where they present their skills as both a dancer and vocalist, which generally last all day. If they have proven their skills as a dancer, they will then prove their skills as a singer. Talent, who make it through the first round, will be invited to call backs where they will be whittled down to the final recall group where the hopefuls become the 50 dancers in A Chorus Line London.

Auditions for this very famous 1970s Broadway musical, which won nine Tony Awards and a Pulitzer Prize for director Michael Bennett, are underway. The London revival will be directed by Bob Avian and choreographed by Baayork Lee, both of whom worked on the original Broadway production and want to see it all; candidates who can sing, dance and act. The revival will also be a tribute to Marvin Hamlisch, original composer of A Chorus Line who died this year. Hamlisch, a master composer, is also credited with writing “The Way We Were”.

Rehearsals for A Chorus Line will begin in January to prepare for the show’s opening on 2 February 2013 with a press preview on 19 February which marks more than 35 years since it first appeared in London. For veteran dancers between the ages of 18 to 35, this is a once in a lifetime opportunity, quite literally actually, as there are no plans to continue the 22 week run once it expires.


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