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As a student or a young person who has recently started working, you might have discovered that transporting yourself from A t B can be quite a costly activity. Get to and from University, going out to the clubs and nights and back home all cost money on top of the social activities. If you are doing it a few times a week then this sure will add up and leave holes in your finances where it could be better spent on you. There are great deals around and different ways you can get around, here’s our few tips to transporting yourself around and saving money -

16 - 25 Railcard

Make Use of One of God’s Gifts – Your Feet and Walk

As the winter approaches, the wind gets colder and the days get shorter, it’ll be very tempting to hop on the bus or get the train for short distance journeys. It’s fine for you if you have a lot of money or simple have a railcard or bus pass. These journeys will begin to build up over the winter time when it is the time you would love to have that extra cash for presents or keeping warm! So, here’s what to do, get your coat on, slip some gloves and put on your favourite music and get yourself walking to where you need to be.

Get A Bike – Healthy and Cheap

Bikes can be cheap to purchase, you don’t need to get the most expensive top of the range bike – second hand bikes are great too. They cost nothing to run (apart from every couples of years to change your tyres etc), they give you exercise and will get you to your destination a lot faster than if you were to walk. Lots of students find bikes the most convenient way to get around and they’re very useful, so have a scour of those local ads to see if there’s something suitable.

Buy Yourself a 16-25 Railcard or one Similar

The 16 – 25 Railcard is one of the biggest money savers there is. At just £28 for a whole year it saves you a huge 1/3 on every single trip you make. This can mean serious savings if you’re travelling long-distance. You’re eligible for this card if you’re aged 16 – 25, or are over 26 and sill in full time education. Head over to the website for more details and to purchase your railcard.

Get a Season Ticket

Bus or Train both are both available so if you are travelling on either more than three times a week then it is highly advisable that you get yourself a season ticket. Season tickets can offer huge savings but are only worthwhile getting if you plan to use public transport several times a week for several weeks or months.

Browse around for Deals

It is very easy to just go online and purchase the first ticket you see. Always make sure you check www.thetrainline.com which will find you the cheapest available option for the journey you want to make, and it is also worthwhile booking in advance as these tickets are often discounted for when you are needing to travel home or over a long distance – if you have a railcard this can also mean more savings.

Share the Fee – Group together for Taxi’s

The easiest way to get to a club or a night out is through hopping into a taxi – they’ll get you from home to destination quickly and safely. However you pay for this and fee’s and charges can be costly and can tot up over time and on top of a night out. The cheapest option to take on a night out is to pool together and get a taxi or minibus for everyone. This ensures safety in numbers and guarantees you won’t be spending more than a tenner for the round trip, but in most cases it’ll be much less dependant on how far your accommodation is from the destination. What you need to do is find a reputable taxi company which you trust and stick with it – your students union will often provide you with their recommendations in regards to a good taxi company.

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