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Now that the festivities are almost over, you may have enjoyed yourself one or several times and also witnessed first hand a dreaded hangover. We all get them after drinking, some worse than others. But are there any cures that actually work? We have sought to discover – as well as tried and tested – the best hangover cures that actually work for the morning after a heavy night.

العربية: مجموعة مشروبات كحولية. Català: Divers...

العربية: مجموعة مشروبات كحولية. Català: Diverses begudes alcohòliques. Cymraeg: Rhai diodydd alcoholig traddodiadol. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

1 – Drink lost of water

This is by far the best and most reliable cure to a hangover, not to mention that it is free. The water will help to reduce dizziness and headaches and also will settle your stomach. We’d suggest drinking water before you sleep, by the pint and also throughout the next day.

2 – Fry-Ups

The last thing you feel like doing when feeling quite delicate the day after drinking is to be eating healthy foods. For that reason the fry up was invented – well not really but it is there for the purpose of aiding hangovers.

3 – Hair of the Dog

For some people. the hair of the dog seems to work, but in fact it only just delays the actual hangover – it cause also increase a persons alcohol dependancy.

4 – Exercise

Either a gentle run or a walk is great for sweating out unwanted alcohol from your system. However, you must ensure you only exercise after you have replaced all that fluid lost after you complete your exercise or dehydration may be your next fear.

5 – Banana’s

Bananas can help restore blood sugar levels to normal and replace lost electrolytes, so they may help a hangover – they are also very inexpensive and quite tasty.

6 – Paracetamol

Paracetamol is a cure that myself and many friends swear by – taking one before bed and the next morning not only cures a hangover but also provides a great nights sleep.

7 – Foods that contain Salt and Sugar

Sugary and salty foods may help in terms of stabilising your blood sugar after drinking alcohol, this will definitely make you feel less iffy and less unsteady. This acts in the same way as a greasy fry up would – unhealthy but tends to do the job on hangover days.


There you have it, tried and tested – 7 hangover cures that actually work. Do you guys have any to share that we may have missed off the list?

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