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Choosing the right car as a student to save money – Student Guide UK

Much like anything else in this world, car insurance premiums seem to be constantly rising. Young drivers have the tendency to be suffering the most with the unrelenting price increase that seem to have passed the point of no return. Indeed, cheap car insurance for young drivers is nigh on impossible these days.

Student Guide UK - Advice on Choosing a Car as a Student

Student Guide UK – Advice on Choosing a Car as a Student

There are ways, though, to pay less on your car insurance if you’re a new driver. Choosing the right car is the most important step towards getting affordable insurance. Different models and, of course, different sized engines will command different costs of cover.

A 2.0 or 2.5 litre engine will set you back a considerable amount more than a 1 or 1.5 litre engine.

The premiums that you are quoted when you’re seeking to choose a car might initially seem unreasonable, but you can spread out the cost out if you would prefer to pay that way.

Making sure you have the money to maintain a car as a Student

This repayment method spares you money in the short term because you’re not handing over £2000 in one round figure. However, you will pay more in interest over time for the privilege.

Price comparison websites on the internet will find the most suitable deals for you, so this part of saving money on your car is almost effortless. For car insurance new drivers at Moneysupermarket.com frequently save hundreds of money, so it’s beneficial doing a quick investigation.

Everybody, of course, desires a decent little car that won’t cost much to buy and maintain, but they’re not always easy to choose.

Lots of pre-owned cars, for instance, are available at an affordable price because they have acquired the miles over times.

Picking the right Car

You may be able to get a 1.2 litre Honda Civic from 1997 for under £500, but it will no doubt have about 120,000 miles on the clock.

Many cars are made to and can, indeed, take this sort of mileage, but you just need to make sure that you check out everything around the car, including the exhaust and the whole engine, for anything which might need switching out at a high cost before you’ve bought the car. If you’re an university student or general young driver working with a budget, you’re not going to be able to get a car with an excellent rate of miles to the gallon. Good fuel economy is unfortunately reserved for newer, more expensive cars.

All you will probably need is something to get you from home to University or College, so most old-ish vehicles will do. Just be sure to run the license plate through a price comparison site to ensure you won’t be paying out way much more than you would like on premiums.


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