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When planning on which student halls you are going to pick for your options there is a lot of factors you need to consider. Here we have listed 5 tips to consider before picking which halls are going to be your options.

Take A Tour before you go

Before you go online and read all the reviews from previous students that stayed in the halls, get yourself down to the halls and book a tour to have a look around, see what the accommodation actually looks like. This also allows you to get a taste if the atmosphere and see how the current students look like in their surroundings.

5 Tips before picking your Student Halls Accomodation

5 Tips before picking your Student Halls Accomodation

Pick your Room Carefully

Each student halls will have a variety of different rooms on offer so when on the tour try to have a look at the options. You might fancy a larger room but this could mean extra money, or there might not be much in it space wise with a smaller room, so why spend the extra money if you could be content for a year or 7/8 months.

Scan the Area

It’s always best the scan the area before you go, scope out how far you will be from your University buildings, where is the Student Union, how far are you from the local/student nightlife and also quite importantly where is the nearest shops as it is more than likely you will be walking home with your shopping rather than forking out for taxi’s.

Get in Early

If there is a halls that you have been to see and are very fond of, don’t waste time, get your form in as quick as possible as more often than not it is first come first serve. Why risk the chance being stuck with something you don’t like as you have to bare with it for 7/8 months of the first year.

5 Tips before picking your Student Halls Accomodation

5 Tips before picking your Student Halls Accomodation

Cheapest Might not be the worst

The cheapest accommodation may not necessarily be the worst – you need to factor in everything else before the price. Do not let the price put you off. The cheaper accommodation often bears the most fun and also more importantly allows for extra money to be spent on nights out and yourself.

Remember to consider everything as your happiness and enjoyment of the first year is paramount. If you have any questions surrounding University Halls ask a question below and somebody will be able to share some experience.

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