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Author : Hayley

4 of the Best College Theme Party Ideas

College and parties go together, and there’s simply no denying that fact. Young adults have the opportunity to grow into who they really are and to experience new things that teach them lessons and allow them to simply have fun. Once they enter the working world, it won’t be as easy to just kick back and relax with friends, so it’s important for college students to enjoy the time that they have to really be themselves and live it up.

When it comes to college parties, people often think of drinking games and dance parties, but there’s a lot more that you can do if you’re a college student and you want to plan a really fun event for your friends to enjoy with you. Read on to learn about some of the best college theme party ideas you can implement.

‘80s Party

The 1980s were certainly interesting. The decade has its own music, video games, and fashion, making it a perfect idea for a college theme party. Load up a bunch of songs onto your MP3 player and let your friends dance to all of the classic tunes that they know and love. Have everyone dress up in ‘80s-inspired attire, and have games available that are from the era so that people can play and enjoy themselves.

Black Light Party

Swap out all of your regular light bulbs for black lights and invite everyone over wearing clothes that will glow in the dark, such as anything white or neon in color. You can also encourage everyone to bring over glow sticks, wear LED jewelry, put on neon nail polish, or find any other accessories that will look completely different under the black lights at your event. Music selections can include anything from the disco era to classic rock, so it’s really up to you what atmosphere you want to create.


A masquerade is always a really fun party idea. Everyone gets to dress up in elaborate costumes and fancy clothes, but the requirement is that they bring along a beautiful mask as well. But even if you want to keep it a little more informal, you can invite everyone to wear the outfits of their choosing. Just make sure that they bring masks because, otherwise, it wouldn’t be a masquerade after all. You also have a lot of freedom in terms of what style of music you choose to play at your event, but when it comes to food, you can really get creative and have some upscale finger foods available and perhaps even a formal sit-down dinner. It’s really up to you how far you want to go with this idea.

Wild West

The Wild West was filled with beautiful women and handsome cowboys. Turn your party into a trip back in time by asking everyone to wear costumes from this interesting and unique time in American history. You can find a variety of saloon girl dresses for your friends to choose from, and the guys can find cowboy costumes just as easily.

About the author:

Hayley is a freelance writer who has fond memories of fun college parties. She still enjoys planning events, and she feels that theme parties allow you to create truly unique experiences for all of your guests. When planning a theme party, a lot of work is involved, but it’s worthwhile.

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