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Aside from elementary school fund raisers being fun and profitable, they can foster camaraderie among classmates.  Additionally, even younger children will feel a sense of pride and accomplishment being a part of a team-effort that reaches its goal.

There is an astounding array of popular fundraising items that sell like hotcakes simply because some items, without exception, are universally appealing.   From cookie dough to gift cards to festive wrapping paper, you’ll be astounded at how easily these favorites can generate profits.

Many times, contacting a fundraising company on-line can help to jumpstart your fundraising project. Companies provide not only high-quality products, but numerous suggestions on how to advertise and manage your campaign to maximize proceeds.

Appeal to the Senses

Items that appeal to the senses are proven winners when it comes to trying to determine what products might work better than others.  Here are a few suggestions that won’t let you down.


The aroma of scented candles are a universal favorite.  Customers not only love them for themselves, but view them as convenient gift items for others, any time of year.  Whether candles are in capped jars or adorable tins, this idea remains an all-time favorite.

2—Cookie Dough:

Everyone loves cookies; and appealing to one’s taste buds makes this an irresistible selection that is sure to sweeten your profits!  Dough is ready to bake; and spooning it onto a baking sheet is fun and effortless—and, they taste homemade!

3—Gift Cards:

Dinner gift cards are extremely popular!  Generating 100% profit with this selection is easy.  Approximately 10,000 restaurants are active participants in this widespread fundraising idea.  Google ‘restaurants participate in school fundraising’; and you can learn more.

4—Flower Bulbs:

For those who have a perennial green-thumb, flower bulbs are a big hit!  Your profits will ‘blossom’ from the stunning variety of bulbs your customers can choose from.  Several dozen types of bulbs are available from any number of fundraising companies who specialize in this beautiful option.


Virtually every household has at least one avid coffee drinker, which makes this an easy-sell.  With flavors ranging from hazelnut to chocolate mocha, orders will be ‘brewing’.   Teas are, also, available, and dozens of flavors from mango to cinnamon offer a high-sell item that few can resist.

6—Home-made Pizza Kits:

These kits are a sure winner and, typically, include enough ingredients for several family-sized pizzas.  The idea of family members making their own pizzas together, makes this item a well-known classic.

7—Gift Wrapping:

Whether one is thinking of Christmas, birthdays, anniversaries or other special occasions, customers will feast their eyes on gorgeous wrapping papers and ribbons which can be used year ‘round.  Colors and patterns abound and are sure to suit any taste!

Logistics Are Key

A wonderful way to ‘time’ an elementary fundraising campaign is to have it correspond with parent-teacher conferences.  By being stationed in the school building itself, youngsters and adult volunteers can set up ‘shop’ in high-traffic areas.  And since upwards of 90% of parents attend these bi-annual meetings, the amount of sales can prove to be impressive.

Many fundraising companies offer colorful posters that can be placed anywhere to advertise your upcoming campaign.  Eye-catching announcement letters, too, are company-supplied that can be mass-distributed and sent home to parents and others to spread the word.  Downloadable brochures are available for taking orders; and once orders are complete, information can be submitted online or, via, toll-free numbers.   It’s easy!

Products are received, usually, within 7-10 business days.  Items are distributed and money is collected.

Leverage the Internet

This approach adds a technical twist to traditional fund-raising methods.  On-line software helps organize and streamline the fundraising process by implementing tools to manage the logistics of the entire campaign!

Best of luck with your fundraising campaign!

About the Author

My name is Karen and I have been an educator in the “Food Capital of the World” for decades.  I love to write and spoil my grand kids!

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