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There have been many surveys on the subject of employers checking a potential staff’s social media contents before hiring. When you apply for a job then you can be sure that employer will take a look at contents posted by you on networking sites. Most employers assume that by doing so they can gain better insight about a candidate. Candidates write only positive things on their resume when applying for a job. Employers want to find out negative aspects of a candidate. They want to ensure the person is suitable and fit for the job.

Can posting on Facebook affect potential future employment? There have been many surveys on the subject and it has emerged that almost 45 percent employers check the Facebook contents of a candidate before hiring. The surveys also show that almost 35 percent candidates are rejected on the basis of their social media contents. The surveys indicate many people are hired based on their social networking profile. Prospective employers check the person’s likings and opinions. They check whether the person has been posting provocative or inappropriate contents. They want to be sure the person is not into heavy drinking or drug use.

Employers are especially interested in finding facts that let them know if the person has been bad mouthing previous employers, clients or colleagues. The social media contents can indicate a person’s communication skills. The person may have biased views towards certain groups of people and may have posted derogatory comments. Prospective employers may also check people following and being followed by the candidate. This allows them to find if the person will enjoy the working culture and environment prevalent at the company. It can also be used to find views of others about the candidate. Most people have gotten used to using networking sites on everyday basis. The contents remain on the Internet until deleted by the poster. Even if a person deletes his or her inappropriate content, people and companies who had connection with that person may not remove their contents. Such contents may contain incriminating information about the person who is applying for the job.

Candidates need to know how Facebook postings affect their future employment. They should know type of contents that is not liked by the prospective employer. One way they can check these details is to do a research of their own on the company. They should check the HR manager’s social media profiles and learn what type of employee the company prefers.

By learning about the employer beforehand, a candidate can decide contents that should be left and contents that should be deleted on social networking sites. More and more employers are going through sites like Facebook to ensure suitability of a job applicant. The surveys show that candidates who are hired are considered to have good personality and fit for the job. These candidates have professional qualifications, good communications skills and well-rounded personality. Such candidates have received good reference from their earlier employers and colleagues. Candidates need to think twice before posting their party photos that show them drunk or indulging in inappropriate behavior.

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Jason is a recruitment specialist in the UK and owner of Mile High Jobs

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