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You remember the day you graduated. For that one special day, you had the opportunity to bask in the glory that can only come from four years of hard work – all of those exams, early morning classes, and hours spent in the library culminated in one event, and that day was finally here: your graduation. Now it is time for your son or daughter to don the cap and gown and wave goodbye to high school as they go on to college, trade school or out into the job market. As a parent, you want to make their graduation day as special as it was to you to show how proud you are of them. You may be wondering what you can do to ensure this day is one for them to remember. Let’s look at some of the basics for planning your child’s graduation:

A graduation party

Graduation day is a day of celebration. In life, there are only a few milestone moments, and this is certainly one of those days. However, in order for the party to be up to par, it involves a lot of planning. In addition to the invitations and guest list, you’ll have to consider the caterer and other logistics. By planning ahead, you should be able to have the party your graduate deserves.

A graduation gift

Another way to reward your high school graduate is by giving them a gift they’ll remember. Now, of course, every graduate is going to want a car. If you can afford it, it might be worth it in the long run because your graduate will need a car if they go away to school. However, if you can’t afford it, don’t fret. Any gift that comes from the heart will be a gift well received.

Commemorate the occasion with professional photos

Schools often give families the option of buying a grad portrait package through a school-hired photographer. These sittings get the job done, but some opt to get more personalized and professional portraits taken through studios like Glamour Shots. Glamour Shots are less of a scam than school photographers who are often rushed and impersonal, given that they have to take pictures of the whole graduating class. They often wind up charging exorbitant fees for photos that look awkward, frazzled, or poorly lit. Consider scheduling your child for professional portraits. The photos will truly capture the best side of the graduate, and you will be proud to display them for years to come.

A graduation message

Finally, another way to say good job is a card with a specialized message. As mentioned above, graduation is a milestone, and while it is a celebratory time, it is also a time for reflection. Your graduate is moving on to bigger and better things and could be apprehensive. A graduation message that conveys how proud you are as well as provides the wisdom you’ve gained could go a long way in helping your graduate feel better about moving on.

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