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Basketball might not be the most dangerous sport, but it’s still a sport that can cause some pain for those who aren’t careful. There are a few injuries that are very common for basketball players of all ages, and if you take careful precautions, you can prevent these. Some of the most common injuries are jumper’s knee, pulled muscles, and facial injuries. Broken and jammed fingers are also quite common. Sprained ankles can be a problem for those people who don’t have the right equipment. When you are taking to the court, you should do everything you can to avoid these problems. A custom basketball jersey can help you look good on the court but there’s other equipment you should know about that can help prevent and reduce injuries, continue reading to find out more.

The cure for jumper’s knee

People who play a lot of basketball will often get a tremendous pain in the front of their knee. This pain will seem to seep from the knee cap and the tendon that connects the knee to the lower leg bones. Jumper’s knee is really just a fancy name for tendinitis, and it happens when you use your legs a little bit too much. One of the best ways to avoid this injury is to wear a compression brace around the upper leg. This helps to remove some of the pressure that will undoubtedly build up on the front of the knee.

Pulled muscles and not stretching

People who play basketball often pull muscles. The game requires quick movements, and it requires directional changes. If you want to avoid pulled muscles, then you need to do two things. First, you must work on your overall flexibility. There are many ways to do this, but regular exercise is the best way to get more flexibility. Likewise, you should stretch properly before taking the court. Be sure to put in a solid 15 minutes worth of stretching time before you start a game.

Facial injuries and broken fingers

The face and the hands are in the most danger on the court. If you want to avoid facial injuries, then you should wear a mask. People who have had nose and eye problems in the past would be wise to wear a plastic mask in order to protect their features. Finger injuries are difficult to account for. When a pass comes your way and your hands aren’t in the right place, the impact might jam or break your fingers. Improving your awareness on the court will lessen your chances of suffering one of these injuries.

How to avoid sprained ankles

Most people who play sports will eventually sprain their ankle. If you are jumping, running, and changing direction, your ankle takes much abuse. One of the best ways to avoid an ankle injury is to wear an ankle brace. Many players use lace-up braces to provide support for that joint. Others will tape their ankles. One of the problems with taping your ankles is that an improper tape job can make matters worse. Be sure that you have a professional tape your ankles if you’re going to go in this direction.

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