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Graduating from university is a huge achievement and a brand new adventure, so if you know anyone celebrating their degree this summer you’ll probably want to pick up a little something to help them commemorate the occasion.

Whatever their interests, there’s a fantastic range of graduation gifts out there to suit just about any budget. Join in the celebrations with our pick of the best graduation gifts for anyone leaving their university days behind.

Photo Albums

The university experience really is the best of your life, so why not give recent graduates something to remember it by? Photo albums are the perfect cheap and unique gift and you can fill it with all their favourite photographs from their university days. You’ll be able to find plenty of photos on social networking sites, but it might be best to leave some of those drunken Freshers’ Week photos out!


It’s hard to make the transition from university life to the real world and getting out there can feel really daunting for recent graduates. A diary is a great way to help them stay organised and you can even get it personalised for that extra special touch. There are plenty of colours and styles out there to suit every budget, and it will help them keep track of important dates for job interviews and meetings.

Housewarming Gifts

Money is tight for most graduates and if they’re not moving back in with mum and dad they’ll really appreciate you picking up bits and bobs for them to use in their new house or flat. Duvets, pillows and cookware are all safe ideas if you’re not sure what sort of things they like, or you could always pick up a gift card so they can choose their own.


Necklaces, earrings and bracelets all make great gifts for any female graduates while you can treat the boys to a stylish set of cufflinks. Jewellery is a great alternative to novelty gifts and is something they can treasure for a lifetime.


Champagne is THE drink for commemorating a special occasion, so help them celebrate in style with a bottle of the fizzy stuff. If your budget stretches far enough, you could even present it with a pair of accompanying champagne flutes.

A Personal Touch

Graduating is a once-in-a-lifetime experience and cheap personalised gifts are a great way to remember the occasion. There are gifts to suit every personality from cups and pens to teddies and watches, and even personalise beer glasses for anyone who just can’t leave their student days behind. Get them emblazoned or engraved with their name and the date of their graduation and give a really thoughtful gift.

Restaurant Gift Vouchers

University is the place where friendships of a lifetime are made, so help them enjoy one last evening together with a restaurant gift voucher. A slap-up meal is the perfect end to the university experience before they go their separate ways.


If you didn’t find anything inspiring in this selection, why not just stick with an old favourite: money? Cash will be appreciated by just about any graduate, so you really can’t go wrong with this one!

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